Meet Rabbi Stiefel

Trained Cantor and experienced Teacher.

Rabbi Stiefel has been a Cantor and Rabbi for over 15 years in the Jewish community. Moreover, he studied at the Yeshiva Gedolah of England, and completed his post-graduate studies at the Rabbinical Colleges of Canada and America and is a fully certified Rabbi. He received his rabbinical ordination in 2003. Furthermore, he has undergone 14 years of classical voice training. He has mastered in Chazzan technique, pronunciation, and vocal range. In addition, Rabbi Stiefel founded and directed Torah Academy of Laval, the first Sunday Hebrew School in his community.

Furthermore, Rabbi Stiefel provides several other services for the Jewish community, including Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons, Torah and Haftorah lessons, and one on one lessons with adults. Moreover, Rabbi Stiefel will use a personalized approach with each student, regardless of age or prior knowledge and will fully accommodate their unique needs and aspirations. That is, lessons will vary based on the students’ prior education and the goals that they personally which to attain.

For instance, Rabbi Stiefel can help your son learn how to read Hebrew and say his prayers from the Siddur. In addition, he can be taught how to sing the Haftorah, the Maftir, and certain sections of, or his entire Bar Mitzvah Torah portion. Moreover, he can teach your son to sing the Brochos beautifully for his Aliyah. In addition, Rabbi Stiefel can also provide lessons on how to learn and master a Bar Mitzvah speech as well as how to lead the Davening service.

Rabbi Stiefel provides several different packages depending on your unique needs and goals of your family. For instance, he can provide your son with 6 months (24 lessons), 12 months (48 lessons), or 18 months (72 lessons) worth of lessons. In addition, Rabbi Stiefel provides lessons at a discounted price if money is a problem. That is, his goal is to enrich your son with the knowledge of Judaism and its rich values and culture. Rabbi Stiefel doesn’t simply help your son learn and then forget. Instead, a passion for Judaism is fostered with every lesson so that you son enters manhood as a fully developed and dedicated Jew.

Lessons are provided 1-on-1 online via video conferencing, emails, and audio files. This convenient, interactive, and reliable approach ensures that your child will learn quickly, effectively, and enjoy doing so.

Please contact Rabbi Stiefel for a free consultation to assess the personal needs and goals that you wish for your son to attain. The first lesson is also completely free of charge to demonstrate in action Rabbi Stiefel’s dedication and skills with no obligation to enroll in further lessons. Moreover, Rabbi Stiefel will provide a full refund if you are not satisfied with any of his lessons. Hence, with Rabbi Stiefel’s lessons you can enroll your son with absolute confidence.

Bar Mitzvah Lessons

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Rabbi Stiefel has the experience and passion to help your son succeed.