Rabbi Stiefel would like to thank those who took the time to write to him. Below are unsolicited testimonials that were submitted to him in the past year:


Thank you Rabbi for all of your help. My son was very apprehensive about his upcoming Bar Mitzvah and initially wanted to cancel it all together. Thankfully, you were somehow able to set him at ease and he would come to me and tell me that your dynamic and “cool” approach to learning the scriptures was engaging and fun. Whatever you did, it worked, for my son was able to perform splendidly during the Bar Mitzvah and was the envy of his friends. I will definitely be recommending you to my Jewish friends who have adolescent sons. Thanks again.


Hi Rabbi Stiefel,

Just sending you an email to thank you for a successful Bar Mitzvah. Don’t know if you remember me. The name’s Jason. I was the awkward 34 year old Jewish guy that never got to have a Bar Mitzvah as a kid. My parents were removed from Jewish observance and a Bar Mitzvah was out of the question. But when I discovered my own path to Judaism at 29 I had wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah ever since. Thing is, I had some health problems so I had to put it off but I was finally able to have one thanks to you. Thanks for taking care of everything for me and making me feel like a welcome part of the community.

- Josh Greenberg


Dear Rabbi Stiefel,

You have touched our lives in ways you couldn’t imagine. Our daughter Elisabeth worried that she would make a fool of herself during her Bat Mitzvah. She scoffed at the mere thought of an Orthodox Bat Mitzvah. That is, until she met you. You instilled her with the pride and honor that stem from being of the Jewish faith. I remember her coming to me and boasting at all that she had learned and how she would be a seasoned pro in no time. What impressed me most about your method of teaching was how dynamic and youthful it was. You were able to contemporize the teachings of the ancients for today’s generation of ADD kids and teach them that learning can be a fun experience. As you are probably aware, Elisabeth continues to see you to learn more about her roots and has told me that she wants to major in Jewish Studies when she goes to college. Thank you for being an inspirational vanguard for our proud and noble community.

- Anne Potofsky

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