A single lesson with Rabbi Stiefel will cost $45. However, he offers extended packages at a discounted price. Moreover, Rabbi Stiefel will thoroughly consult with you to assess your unique goals, budget, and time constraints before he recommends a lesson plan for you or your child. For instance, your son or daughter’s prior knowledge of the Torah, Judaism, and Hebrew literacy level (or lack thereof) will affect the length of the lesson plan. Below, are the primary lesson plans that Rabbi Stiefel provides, albeit he is open to variations.


Our Discounted Bar Mitzvah Packages

6 Months (24 Lessons) $960.00 Additional lessons $40.00
12 Months (48 Lessons) $1,680.00 Additional lessons $35.00
18 Months (72 Lessons) $2,160.00 Additional lessons $30.00


The average student will require about a year before they are fully prepared for their bar mitzvah. Hence, 48 lessons are generally sufficient for most boys. By then they will be able to read Hebrew, recite their section of the Torah, Maftir, or Haftorah, sing the Brochos for their Aliyah perfectly, give an articulate bar mitzvah speech, lead a Davening service, and properly wear a Talit and Teffillin.


Lessons are provided one-on-one online with Rabbi Stiefel via an online virtual meeting room similar to Skype or he can offer alternative forms of video conferencing, depending on the software your son uses. Mp3 files of the lessons are also provided after the initial lessons are complete so that your son can practice his lessons anytime he wishes. By doing so, he will have mastered the material and will be well prepared for subsequent lessons that build on prior learning. This intuitive, interactive, and convenient approach to Bar mitzvah lessons is what sets Rabbi Stiefel apart from other Rabbi's.


Students with an adequate knowledge that are capable to attain a full mastery of the material in a shorter amount of time. Or students planning a shortened performance, Rabbi Stiefel will offer them an accelerated ‘24 lesson’ program.


The 72 lesson plan is well suited for students with very little to no knowledge of the Torah, Hebrew, or Judaism in general. This lesson plan is geared towards novices who are nervous about being overwhelmed by a new subject or novel source of knowledge. This lesson plan can also suit the student that would like to learn how to lead the service or study additional topics in connection with the Bar Mitzvah.


Fortunately, Rabbi Stiefel will gently ease your son into his lessons, ensuring that mastery of current material ensues before moving on to more advanced teachings. By allowing for ample time to learn the material, full mastery is guaranteed by the end of any lesson plan. If you are displeased with any single lesson, Rabbi Stiefel will fully refund your money for that lesson. Thus, with 15 years of experience as both a Rabbi and Cantor and his money back policy you are guaranteed impressive results and full peace of mind with Rabbi Stiefel’s Bar mitzvah lessons.


Rabbi Stiefel has the experience and passion to help your son succeed.