Meet Rabbi Stiefel

Trained cantor and experienced teacher.

Rabbi Stiefel has served for many years as a Rabbi and as a Chazzan at Synagogues in Montreal QC, Moncton NB and Laval QC.

He has taken extensive classical voice training, his voice-style, and wide-ranging repertoire, appeals to the young modern audience and to the older connoisseurs of Chazzanut.

With over 15 years of rabbinical experience, Rabbi Stiefel has a great reputation for teaching and preparing Bar Mitzvah students. He is exceptionally motivated to teaching and has successfully taught many Jewish students from diverse backgrounds.

His kind and patient character allows his students to feel secure at their level of learning and motivated to study for their Bar Mitzvah. Rabbi Stiefel is also known to have kept a close connection with his students for years after their Bar Mitzvah!

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